Plantronics DA70 QD/ USB



Plantronics DA Series USB audio processors are designed to enhance the audio experience for softphone users, particularly those in customer service centers. By providing context for every call, these audio processors offer exceptional quality, control, and compliance with OSHA and Noise at Work regulations.

With a USB connection to the PC and compatibility with Plantronics QD-equipped analogue headsets, the DA Series audio processors provide a seamless and efficient communication solution. This makes them ideal for telephone-intensive users, including formal customer care centers and help desks.

The intelligent design of the DA Series audio processors enables users to leverage the power of Plantronics and third-party software applications. This opens up new possibilities for intelligent communication and enhanced experiences for both the team and customers.

Key Features:
– USB connectivity for easy integration with the PC
– Plantronics QD-equipped analogue headset compatibility
– Ideal for telephone-intensive users in customer care centers and help desks
– Exceptional audio quality and control
– Compliant with OSHA and Noise at Work specifications

By choosing Plantronics DA Series USB audio processors, organizations can improve their customer service capabilities and create a more satisfactory communication environment. With reliable and intelligent audio solutions, businesses can enhance productivity, efficiency, and overall customer satisfaction.

Product Specifications:
– Brand: Plantronics
– Category: Miscellaneous telephone accessories


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