Baseus Halo Calgh-B09 USB Lightning 1m Czerwony



Baseus Halo Data Cable is a high-quality USB Lightning cable that comes with an LED light feature. This cable is designed to provide both fast and safe charging for your devices. With a current output of 2.4A and a pure copper wire, it ensures quick and efficient energy replenishment.

The highlight of the Baseus Halo Data Cable is its LED light located in the Lightning connector. This LED light makes it convenient to locate and use the cable in low-light conditions, such as during the night. No more fumbling around in the dark, trying to connect your devices.

In addition to its charging capabilities, this cable also supports data transfer. You can easily sync and transfer files between your devices while simultaneously charging your smartphone. This feature makes it a versatile accessory for both personal and professional use.

The Baseus Halo Data Cable is equipped with an intelligent chip that adjusts the voltage according to the specific device being charged. This ensures optimal charging performance and protects your devices from overcharging and overheating.

Durability is another key feature of this cable. The connection between the wire and the plug is reinforced to prevent breakage, ensuring a longer lifespan. The aluminum connectors are both elegant and resistant to wear and oxidation, further enhancing the durability of the cable.

The cable itself is encased in a strong nylon braid, which not only adds to its durability but also gives it a pleasant touch and feel. It is resistant to tangles and can withstand daily wear and tear, making it perfect for travel or everyday use.

To keep the cable organized and prevent tangling, a practical Velcro strap comes included. This strap makes it easy to store and carry the cable wherever you go, ensuring that it remains tangle-free and ready for use.

Overall, the Baseus Halo Data Cable offers a reliable and efficient charging solution for devices with a Lightning connector. Its LED light, fast charging capabilities, durability, and compatibility with various devices make it a must-have accessory for any smartphone or tablet user.

– LED light in the Lightning connector for easy visibility in the dark
– Fast and safe charging with a current output of 2.4A
– Intelligent chip for voltage management and protection
– Reinforced connection for enhanced durability
– Supports data transfer while charging
– Aluminum connectors resistant to wear and oxidation
– Strong nylon braid for added durability and pleasant touch
– Practical Velcro strap for easy storage and tangle prevention

– Brand: Baseus
– Model: Halo Data Cable
– Connectors: USB / Lightning
– Material: Aluminum + Nylon
– Current Output: 2.4A
– Length: 100cm
– Functions: Charging / Data transfer
– Compatibility: Devices with Lightning connector
– Additional Feature: LED light

KGO: 0,02 zł net (Environmental fee)


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